Good for your business, good for your customers.

Billing and collection services from the same place guarantee a smooth customer experience.

An easy way to bill

Happier Customers

Let the customer choose whether they want to pay now, later or split up.

Get paid straight away!

Give the customer time to pay their invoice while you receive the money immediately.

Safe and smooth

SweetPay handles the payment so you can take care of your customers.

Easy to invoice - this is how it works.

1. Easily create a purchase on your device when you have a customer in front of you. The customer logs in directly to the mobile phone and chooses the payment method.

2. You will receive the money for the purchase the next day and the customer will receive an invoice sent home. The rest is handled by SweetPay.

3. You will find your purchase as usual. Create and participate in all the information you need for your accounting.

Payment link

The payment link makes it easier to pay.

Send the payment link to the customer's phone. The customer pays for their purchase with a few clicks.
The payment link is a convenient method of payment both at physical points of sale and by telephone sales.


The most effective way to bill.

Let the customer decide how they want to receive the invoice: by text message, email, or letter. You can easily access the billing service using the API.


Thanks to flexible systems and skilled employees, we have satisfied customers.

You can easily access the collection service using the API or by sending the files directly to us.

"Acquiring billing and collection services under one roof has given us a good and smooth customer experience and satisfied customers."

James Reason – CEO,