Terms of use

SweetPay Checkout Terms of Use

Last update: 19-01-18


By completing the purchase, you approve, inter alia, SweetPay AB’s (556906-0477, Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 111 57 Stockholm “SweetPay”) processing of your personal data as described below (the “Terms of Use”), including SweetPay’s right to transfer the data to another company in SweetPay’s corporate group or for processing outside the EU / EEA and the possibility of using electronic communication at eg. marketing. SweetPay reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time, therefore always read the Terms of Use prior to new purchases.


SweetPay processes and saves your personal data in order to offer you a simplified payment the next time you use SweetPay’s checkout. SweetPay processes the personal data in order to administer the customer relationship, prevent abuse or improper use of the payment service, perform customer and risk analyzes, risk management, for marketing purposes and to comply with applicable legal requirements in general.

Personal information is information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you. The following are examples of personal data that SweetPay may process:

1. Contact information – name, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc. 2. Payment information – card number etc.
3. Article information – details of the purchases you make
4. Personal
5. Historical information – information about previous purchases, how you have previously complied with the payment terms, possible rejections etc.
6. Information about your computer / device – IP address, language settings, browser settings etc.
7. Generally available information on the internet

If you once used SweetPay’s checkout, there may then be saved information about you for, for example, customer management, documentation requirements or similar approved purposes. SweetPay may use electronic communication (communication via eg SMS and e- mail) in the contacts with you. You have the right at any time to get in touch with SweetPay, by emailing SweetPay support, to inform you that you no longer want the personal data saved.

SweetPay may disclose information to other companies within SweetPay’s corporate group, which may also use the information in the manner and for the purposes described in these Terms of Use. For administrative purposes, information can also be disclosed to the e-retailer where you made your purchase and to our specially selected partners for customer analysis and marketing as well as to authorities if we are required to do so by law or if you have approved that we do. the. The data may also be transferred for processing outside the EU / EEA area to a state that does not have the same level of protection for personal data. SweetPay safeguards the protection of personal data and will introduce appropriate safeguards to protect the data. You have the right once a year to request in writing to access the information that concerns you. You also have the right to correct incorrect data and to opt out of receiving additional marketing communications. SweetPay is responsible for the personal data processing of your personal data.


SweetPay uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent from SweetPay’s web server and saved by your browser to give you access to various functions. SweetPay uses cookies. a. in order to customize SweetPays Checkout after you and for internal analyzes of how our site is used. Cookies cannot damage your computer.


You assure that the information you provide is correct and yours, and that you may enter into agreements without restriction and without the consent of the legal guardian, manager or other person. If you use the service on behalf of a legal person, you also warrant that you are authorized to enter into this agreement and hereby accept the Terms of Use in its entirety for the legal person’s account. To use SweetPay’s checkout, you must be at least 15 years old.

Use of information that is not yours or for which you are not entitled to use for any other reason, and the use of SweetPay Checkout otherwise in a manner that is not intended, will be assessed by SweetPay as an abuse. The user may be blocked from further possibility of using SweetPay Checkout.


In addition to what follows from the Terms of Use or mandatory consumer law, SweetPay is in no case liable for damages that are directly or indirectly caused by the use of SweetPays Checkout. Swedish law is applied and any disputes shall be handled by the general court.

SweetPay Invoice – Terms and Conditions

Last update: 19-01-18

These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply between Financial Tech Sweden AB, corporate no. 556906-0477, under the brand SweetPay (“SweetPay” or “us”), and you as a Customer.


1.1. “Customer” Refers to you as a consumer or representative of a legal person who buys an item or service online or in a physical store with a Merchant using the Service. Also referred to as “you” below.

1.2. “Service” The service SweetPay provides to Merchants for factoring and / or invoice administration, which enables Customers, you as a Customer, to pay your purchase at the Merchant with the invoice.

1.3. “Merchant” Refers to Merchant, store and / or service provider that supplies goods and / or services online or in physical store.


SweetPay provides a technical platform that allows Merchants to generate invoices using SweetPay and in some cases sell claims to SweetPay. The service thus means that Merchants are provided with a service that enables the Merchant to provide the Customer with the choice to pay for the purchase of an item or service against invoice. The invoice is exhibited by the Merchant either via its own system or via SweetPay’s technical platform, and in some cases SweetPay acquires the Merchant’s claim against you as Customer directly by the Merchant and SweetPay thus enters the Merchant’s place as a creditor against you. You thus receive an invoice so as payment for the purchase you made via the Merchant’s website or physical store was in SweetPay as the payee.


Full payment of the amount stated on the invoice must be received by SweetPay no later than the due date stated on the invoice. Payment times are normally 14 days from the date of the exhibition, which is stated in the invoice, but can vary between different Merchants and change from time to time. Payment time and thus the date when payment should be SweetPay is always shown on the invoice. SweetPay or the Merchant, depending on whether SweetPay has acquired the claim from the Merchant, charges an invoice fee of up to SEK 39 excluding VAT, the current invoice fee always appears from the invoice. The invoice is sent to the Customer via e-mail, letter or text message.

3.2. payment Reminder
3.2.1. fees If the Customer fails to pay the invoice within the specified time, SweetPay reserves the right, either by itself or by a third party, to send a payment reminder to which a reminder fee is imposed, the reminder fee currently amounts to SEK 60. If the Customer, even after the payment reminder, fails to pay SweetPay reserves the right to transfer the relevant claim for further handling to a collection company. If the invoice is handed over for further handling of a collection company, fees will be added, in accordance with the law (1981: 739) on compensation for collection costs, etc., .

3.2.2. Interest In addition to reminder fee and collection costs, SweetPay also reserves the right to, at or via third parties, collect interest on unpaid amounts as of the due date of interest in accordance with the Interest Act (1975: 635). Late interest is currently paid at 22.00% from the due date until full payment has been made.


4.1. Handling of personal data
SweetPay stores and processes personal data in accordance with current legislation. When using the Service, SweetPay, or external partner to SweetPay, collects personal information about you as a Customer. Personal data is collected mainly for the purpose of carrying out customer analysis, identification, credit testing, marketing and business development.

4.2. Consent to process personal data
By accepting the Terms and Conditions and choosing to pay for your purchase with invoice generated by SweetPay, you agree to the above-mentioned processing of personal data. Such consent also includes the processing of personal data via the internet, including their transfer to third countries outside the EU / EEA area. Once per calendar year you have the right, through a written signed application, to obtain a registry extract on which personal data are registered about you at SweetPay. SweetPay will, on your request or own initiative, correct any information found to be incorrect or misleading.


By using the Service, the Customer approves that personal data as described above is used to conduct a credit check of one of SweetPay’s and the Merchant’s partners and in some cases to carry out a credit report. Such a credit check results in the Customer receiving a so-called “scoring” which is the basis for how large an amount Merchants can accept that the Customer pays with the invoice. By approving the Terms, the Customer agrees that the information collected in connection with credit assessment and any credit information is stored and used for the same purpose as other personal data. The merchant will, based on the result of the credit check or credit report, make a decision to either grant or deny you as a Customer to pay by invoice.


This section 6 is only applicable to Customer who is a natural person and who acts as a private person and not as a representative of a legal person
According to the Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59), you usually have 14 days to repent of a purchase or to reclaim a product if you purchased it online. If you want to complain about the goods or services that you purchased through a Merchant, you turn directly to the Merchant with your case. As the Service includes an invoice support for the Merchant, you, as the Customer, should also contact SweetPay directly by e-mail [email protected] and tell us that you have returned the goods. Please note that there can still be postage, return and invoice fees that you have to pay, despite the claim or return of the goods. Such remaining fee will be billed by SweetPay at a later date.


SweetPay is entitled to assign its rights and obligations under the Terms, provided that the acquiring company can reasonably be expected to fulfill its obligations under the Terms in a manner satisfactory to Customer. Moreover, SweetPay always has the right to transfer claims for payment to collection companies. You as Customer do not have the right to assign your obligations under the Terms without SweetPay’s written consent.


When using SweetPay’s website, www.sweetpay.com, SweetPay needs to store and retrieve some technical information from the equipment you use to visit SweetPay’s website for the purpose of providing and updating the Service to SweetPay. By using SweetPay’s website you agree that SweetPay retrieves and saves some technical information (so-called Cookies) from the equipment used to visit SweetPay’s website.


A customer who wishes to contact SweetPay in connection with the Terms or otherwise wishes to receive support when using the Service may contact SweetPay by e-mail at [email protected].


Intellectual property rights, such as the right to the name SweetPay, belong to and may not be used by Customer in addition to what is required before fulfilling the rights and obligations under the Terms.


11.1. SweetPay is not responsible for errors or deficiencies in the purchased goods, nor for delayed and / or non-delivery. Customer is requested to contact the relevant Merchant for such handling.

11.2. If SweetPay is prevented from fulfilling its obligations under the Terms due to circumstances which SweetPay could not control and which SweetPay could not reasonably have expected, and the consequences of which SweetPay could not reasonably have avoided or overcome, including but not limited to general work conflict, war, fire, lightning strike, rebellion, terrorist attack, embargo, government intervention, governmental regulation or law, error or delay in service from subcontractor due to circumstance stated here, and other circumstance outside SweetPay’s control, this shall constitute the grounds for exemption which entails the advancement of the time of performance and exemption from penalty


The use of the option to pay by invoice applies at the time of use the latest version of the Terms, which is always found via SweetPay’s website www.sweetpay.com. SweetPay reserves the right to make minor changes that take effect two weeks after the changes in the Terms have been published on the website. Customer is requested to regularly check the latest uploaded terms at www.sweetpay.com. Customer always has the right to stop using SweetPay if Customer does not consent to SweetPay’s changes to the Terms and therefore has the right to terminate the agreement and thus the Terms. In the event that the Customer wishes to terminate the Terms, the Customer must settle all outstanding invoices to SweetPay before the use of the option to pay by invoice can cease completely. If the Customer approves the change of the Terms immediately, the new Terms also apply immediately. If the Terms are not stated by the Customer, the change is considered approved after two weeks.


In addition to what follows from the Terms of Use or mandatory consumer law, SweetPay is in no case liable for damages that are directly or indirectly caused by the use of SweetPays Checkout. Swedish law is applied and any disputes shall be handled by the general court.